European Cities Ratings Podcast

A Podcast & insiders guide to migratory birds and digital nomads by Ajay Goyal & Elisabeth Villiger-Touflexis


Lisbon: Where Endless Sunshine Meets Bohemian Vibes! 🌞

Get ready to fall in love with this charming coastal city, where historic neighborhoods blend seamlessly with a thriving digital nomad scene. Lisbon offers dreamy beaches, delicious pastries, and an unbeatable sense of adventure. Explore its vibrant culture, wander through cobblestone streets, and find your perfect spot to work, play, and soak up the Portuguese sunshine. Lisbon is your gateway to wanderlust and work-life harmony!

Oslo: Where Scandinavian Cool Meets Creative Nomads! ❄️

Discover the capital of Norway, where sleek design, stunning nature, and a welcoming digital nomad community come together. Oslo’s pristine fjords, modern architecture, and cozy cafes make it a perfect playground for wanderers and remote workers alike. Dive into Nordic culture, embrace the great outdoors, and find your inspiration in this dynamic city. Oslo invites you to explore, create, and embrace the Nordic way of life!

Zurich: Where Swiss Precision Meets Nomadic Freedom! ⌚

Experience the best of Switzerland in Zurich, a city that seamlessly blends efficiency, innovation, and wanderlust. From its picturesque Old Town to the stunning Swiss Alps on the horizon, Zurich offers a perfect mix of urban charm and natural beauty. Digital nomads will find a welcoming atmosphere, excellent connectivity, and a thriving creative scene. Immerse yourself in Swiss culture, savor world-class chocolate, and embark on a journey where work and wanderlust harmoniously coexist. Zurich is your gateway to precision living and global exploration!


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